Video Game? DJ Controller?

283938_10151635752646085_1575621622_nWhat the hell is this? This is the new Numark Orbit Wireless MIDI DJ Controller… assign the memory banks, and tilt the handheld device left, right, forward and back to create sweeping effects, whooshes, and more…

We’re not a tech site, and so we’re not going to list the specs for the device. This is just our opinion… OPINION…

Why do manufacturers constantly find new ways to ruin the DJ industry. Equipment is becoming more and more automated (sync buttons, key adjustment, etc) and becoming more and more affordable. Every Tom, Dick & Harry can afford it, and figure it out. If you’re not a producer, or rich enough to hire a ghost producer, you’re left in the dust… Why hire a proffesional who learned how to manipulate a vinyl record or original CDJ-1000MK3? Just get cousin timmy (who’s 12) to play his ipod with the latest cheap ass controller! This trend has crippled the DJ industry, especially here in Canada. If your club can’t afford to bring in Tiesto, then just hire your nephew, and a few months later you’ll be out of business. More clubs are closing every week and we’re literally getting loads of reports from veteran DJs, and out of work pro’s looking for gigs!!!

Sadly, we predict within the next 10 years, after the EDM bubble pops, technology will literally replace DJs completely. Every club will just purchase the modern equivalent of a “jukebox”, and thousands of DJs worldwide will be looking for a new occupation.

We will of course still be broadcasting live (WITH OUR ORIGINAL CDJS AND TURNTABLES – SYNC BUTTON NOT INCLUDED), every single week!

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