This week’s Tune Of The Week comes to us on Monster Tune’s monster producer “Edu” launching his new alias “Eldar”eldarhola

In form producer Edu is back on Monster Tunes with another helping of his stylish,
groove driven trance. After his blistering debut single ‘Gaza’ and his stunning remix of Timur Shafiev’s ‘Glory’, both gaining respectable Above & Beyond radio support, Edu presents another fine production with his trademark sound stamped all over it, whilst launching his new alias Eldar at the same time.

Hola‘ is a super chunky, groove based production littered with intricate, astute melodic ideas and chopped vocal fx to create an interesting opening. Big room synth and piano chords follow with a unique drop that will send you crazy on the dancefloor!

Say ‘Hola‘ to Eldar!


Check out “Hola” on this week’s Overload! This is a hot track, and has already been put in the contender’s list for the Best of 2013.

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