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6 Years Of Music

This week marks 6 years of The Overload. It’s been tough these last few years, with the over saturation of the market, it’s become harder and harder to be heard. Everyone here on the team has had to take on more part time work and cut our hours here to keep the lights on, but we are still here! This year we plan on cutting out more of the noise. Less EDM, more Trance. Less mainstream, more quality. Back to what we started out as, the flamingo in the duck pond. Here’s to another 6 years!!

5 Years Overloadeded

This week marks 5 years for our little radio show. 5 years, 240 shows, over 24000 tracks, 132000 minutes of music and airplay on 3 continents! We have evolved over the years and hope we haven’t changed TOO much!! The Overload is about trance. It’s about beautiful moving music, with a touch of big club sound – but not too cheesy!!! We hope you enjoy our weekly show and see us as the delicate balance from too serious and that cheesy EDM that’s become so obnoxious! Thanks and here’s to another 5 years!!

D.Max Recordings

Young and growing, created to deliver the best uplifting trance tunes! In the future you’ll hear a a lot about us _ we’re still small and independent but we give young talented producers the chance to show their skills and show them to the world of trance.

And the Overload is proud to be their outlet! Catch all of D.Max Recordings’ releases on The Overload!

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