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Overload Radio: Episode #049

Missing – Mark Sixma & Emma Hewitt
Live Forever – Ferry Corsten & Aruna
6AM – Cressida
Julia – Nitrous Oxide
Round We Go – Myon & Shane54 & Haley
Release – Solarstone
Moonless Nights – First State & Tom Fall & Jasmine Maurie
Last To Leave – Alexander Popov & M11
Love & War – LTN & Cassidy Ford
Leave My Hand – MarLo & Emma Chatt
Discover Love – Ryos & Envy Monroe
The Shadows – Bobby Neon

Overload Radio: Episode #023

The Place On Earth – Ancient MAN
Memories – Ads Peri
Atomic – Ben Gold
Release – Solarstone
An Angel’s Love – Alex MORPH & Sylvia Tosun
Bend Girl – Kyau & Albert
Reckless – Keystate & Lily White
You Said It – Rodrigo Deem & KARRA
My Everything – Bobina & Natalie Gioia
Roller Coaster – Stargliders
Nowhere To Be Found – Fabio XB & Liuck & Roxanne Emery

The Overload: Episode #221

Only For You – Mat Zo & Rachel K CollierFedde&Re-direct
Don’t Hold Us – Thomas Newson & Angelika Vee
PAX – Alleston
Adagio In G Minor – Antillas
We’re Not Alone – Matisse & Sadko & Ollie James
Feel The Wife Vibe – Korean & Vini
One With You – Ronski Speed & Syntrobic & Elizabeth Egan
Where We Belong – Fedde Le Grand & Di-Rect
On A Wing – Leolife
The Cube – Ummet Ozcan
Felina – Heatbeat & Rodrigo Deem
Solarcoaster – Solarstone

The Overload: Episode #211

Stones – Brutal Kids & Alinetryingtodisappear
Proud – Kerry Leva
Skyfall – Stoneface & Terminal
Now Or Never – Tritonal & Phoebe Ryan
Beam – Mako & Angel Taylor
Saturn – Faux Tales
Solarcoaster – Solarstone
I Love Your Face – Moonbeam & Fisher
Trying To Disappear – Ascania
1998 – Binary Finary

Review – Markus Schulz – Buenos Aires ’13

October 4th marks the release of Markus Schulz’ latest CD compilation – this time Markus Schulz - Buenos Aires '13 Cover artfeaturing Argentina’s Buenos Aires.

“With the expansion of global electronic music culture at a rate like never before, it is difficult to find many countries that can boast a feverish admiration for the genre than Argentina. And over the past number of years, few have felt the affection and resonance of the fans as passionately as 2012 America’s Best DJ Markus Schulz.”


Here’s our take on the double disc compilation track by track! Overall we give it a (3.5/5) – But this is just our opinion – Listen for yourself!

Pre-order your copy on iTunes 


Disc 1 (3.5/5)

  1. Marscela – Momento de Gloria
    • Beautiful strings, subtle piano and a great atmosphere! (4/5)
  2. SEQU3L – We Evolve
    • Progressive at it’s best! The break here is lush full of beautiful synths and has a great feel to it. (3/5)
  3. Sensetive5 – Sin City
    • Very emotional feel to this, with a driving side-chain, and again – a full synth line. (3/5)
  4. Crystal Design – Scarface
    • The break on this track is the best part – a very nice melody, with almost a sinister feel to it… the sinister feel disappears into the drop. (3/5)
  5. Rodg & Ruben de Ronde – Remain Different
    • A smooth dark bassline, and an awesome pluck synth on this! (4/5)
  6. Tucandeo – To An End
    • The bassline on this track could BE the track, on top of it comes a lush pad, and subtle keys that make the hairs on your arms stand!  (4/5)
  7. KhoMha – Cyclone
    • The lead melody on this is enough to make anyone want to dance,  this has bigroom written all over it. (4/5)
  8. Rex Mundi – Aureolo
    • A simple melody but big sound! (3/5)
  9. Ruffault – Progressive Dreams
    • Pads pads pads – sounds pretty cool. (3/5)
  10. Grube & Hovsepian – Palermo
    • Piano and a light airy pad on this break make it a summery favourite. (3/5)
  11. Danilo Ercole – Point Of View
    • The rolling bassline here is enough to make you move, minimal lead, just pure progressive heaven. (3/5)
  12. Markus Schulz presents Dakota – Barracas
    • Atmospheric, dark, close your eyes and drift away kind of music. (3/5)
  13. Wellenrausch & Basil O’Glue – Wickaninnish
    • Brilliant synth! This is a feel good track all around. (4/5)
  14. Markus Schulz & Ana Diaz – Nothing Without Me
    • The first vocal track on the disc – very moving lyrics and a solid delivery from Ana Diaz. (5/5)
  15. M.I.K.E. – Before Dawn
    • A swirling bassline of saw sounds, and a euphoric lead to match. (3/5)
  16. Markus Schulz – Remember This
    • Gorgeous, heart-warming melody, and a huge intro/outro to make you rage! (4/5)
  17. Mr. Pit – Catch Me
    • Bigroom trancer, with a great melody and a driving bassline. (4/5)
  18. Aaron Camz – Suburbia
    • Massive lead synth! you gotta hear this one for yourself! (5/5)
  19. Rex Mundi – Back Pain
    • Weak conclusion to this disc in our opinion. Extremely simplistic track. (2/5)

Disc 2 (3.7/5)

  1. Protoculture – Talisman
    • A gentle opening, with lush synths, and an atmospheric feel. (3/5)
  2. Markus Schulz & Rex Mundi – Towards The Sun
    • Catchy vocals… almost too catchy. On the verge of annoying. (2/5)
  3. KhoMha – Dimensional
    • Piano chords open up for a huge pounding of drums, bass and catchy melody (4/5)
  4. Digital X – Stratosphere
    • A dark proggy sound here. Nothing special. (3/5)
  5. Purple Stories – Praia da Adraga
    • Epic breakdown, pads, choir, solid build, and a driving drop. (3/5)
  6. Danilo Ercole – Freezing Rain
    • Rolling synths, take use right through the track – no letting up! (3/5)
  7. Fisherman & Hawkins VS Nifra – The Battle
    • Big bass, big sound, bold and full of energy! (4/5)
  8. Elevation VS Grube & Hovsepian – Fair Winds
    • A great melody and synth line top this monster. (4/5)
  9. Vassilakis & Tarr – Galea
    • A big build for not much pay off. (2/5)
  10. Grube & Hovsepian – Trickster
    • Playful is the only word that comes to mind here. Big synth, big melody, big all around. (4/5)
  11. Basil O’Glue – Gilgamesh
    • Massive! (5/5)
  12. Solid Stone – Scrambled
    • Sidechain heaven! Big atmosphere, driving bassline, great! (4/5)
  13. Markus Schulz – Mardi Gras
    • The synth on this track is mind blowing – great melody, great feel, a feel good track that’ll make a club jump when that bass hits. (5/5)
  14. Harry Square – Royal Flush
    • Another great synth line, with a huge melody. (4/5)
  15. Digital X – Phantom
    • Another powerhouse. (4/5)
  16. Skytech – The Other Side
    • A simple melody but well done! nice bigroom sounds. (4/5)
  17. Elevation – Stadium Control
    • Big uplifting trancer, no complaints on this one. (3/5)
  18. Solarstone – Solarcoaster
    • Beautiful sounds in this track, filtered synths, and a peaceful melody. (4/5)
  19. Marscela – Viaje Completo
    • Smooth and peaceful ending to a great compilation! (5/5)

Aly & Fila’s “Quiet Storm”

Aly & Fila are ready to take the world by storm, with their new cd “Quiet Storm” being released June 28th!

Ever living to the rhythm of the beat, Aly & Fila find themselves in the eye of the storm.alyfilacdrelease The Egyptian flag-bearers of the global trance scene spent the past decade building an impressive career as successful DJ’s, producers and label-owners. Following their beloved debut album ‘Rising Sun’, is its long-awaited successor, ‘Quiet Storm’. For Aly & Fila, there’s no waiting for the storm to pass. They’re right in the middle.

To Aly Amr Fathalah and Fadi Wassef Naguib, music is everything. Their distinct sound has become a standard for the uplifting trance scene. Though often imitated, the significant breaks and melodies of Aly & Fila have never been bettered. Anyone that has witnessed an Aly & Fila DJ set, knows the reason they’re currently #19 in the critically acclaimed DJ Mag Top 100. Their ‘Future Sound of Egypt’ record label has become a breeding ground for rising talents and a home to their very own productions. Responsible for classics such as ‘We Control The Sunrise’, ‘Lost Language’, ‘Eye of Horus’ and ‘Coming Home’, they’ve played a leading role in keeping the trance scene alive and kicking. And now, after 3 years of challenging studio work, song-writing and finding that unique spark, Aly & Fila proudly present ‘Quiet Storm’.

Aly & Fila:”We never stopped learning, never stopped improving. We’ve always progressed. The album has been worked on patiently. We really want it to create a big impact, like a quiet storm brewing.” And so it does. With its 16 musical jewels, ‘Quiet Storm’ lights many new shades of Aly & Fila’s production skills. Including collabs with talented producers such as John O’Callaghan, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Arctic Moon, Solarstone, vocalists Susana, Chris Jones, Jaren, Sue McLaren and many more, ‘Quiet Storm’ brings you a musical journey that will continue to storm your mind for a long time to go.

Pre-order your copy now!

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