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The Overload: Episode #223

Gravity – Cold Rush & Danny Claireairburnairborn
Parthenope – Kris Maydak
Little Pieces – Dan Chase & Laura Aqui
Every Word – Dennis Sheperd & Cold Blue & Ana Criado
Eternity – Trance Arts & Carie
Where We Belong – Fedde Le Grand & Di-Rect
Sleepwalking – The Chain Gang Of 1974
Drama – Arys
Rule – Ari Kyle VS Koka
AirBURN – Airborn
Lost Again – Hazem Beltagui & Rebecca Louise Burch

The Overload: Episode #214

Siren – Kat Krazy & Elkkaxperiencejuventaspeedlimits
Saripadanisa – Woody Van Eyden
I Can See You Now – Dirkie Coetzee & Neo Kekkonen & Ridgewalkers
Resurrection – AYDA
Bring Back The Sun – John O’Callaghan & Audrey Gallagher
Under The Sky – Damian Wasse & Irina Makosh
Cry Wolf – Cold Rush & Tiff Lacey
Stars Will Shine – Ghost Stars & Sam Trock
Xperience – Juventa & Speed Limits
Last Forever – Fenech-Soler

The Overload: Episode #213

Slam! – Bjorn Akessoncrywolfcoldrushtifflacey
Against The World – Morgan Page & Michael S
Feel The Love – Rave Radio & Chris Willis
Keep Believing – D-Mad
Cry Wolf – Cold Rush & Tiff Lacey
The Great Migration – Rikkaz
Resurrection – AYDA
Somewhere Along The Way – Tube & Miller
Causality – Davey Asprey
Truth & Reconciliation – Thruggar

The Overload: Episode #212 – BEST OF 2013

Here it is! Our special “Best of 2013” edition. These are the top 20 tracks of the year as decided by YOU! (and us). Listener feedback via facebook, twitter, and email, as well as some staff picks. No particular order, no countdown – just the ones we’ll remember as our year, that was 2013.

When You Loved Me – Boom Jinx & Maor Levi & Ashley Tomberlin
Solar Guitar – Speed Limits & T4L
Love Survives – Tenishia & Ruben De Ronde & Shannon Hurley
Goodbye – Glenn Morrison & Islove
Synapse – Antillas & Dankann
Black Room Boy – Above & Beyond
The Sun After Heartbreak – Paul Van Dyk & Sue McLaren & Arty
Fear Is Not An Option – Tonerush
Gunsmoke – Bjorn Akesson
Perfectly – Christian Burns & Maison & Dragen
Bazuca – Sherano
On A Wing – Leolife
Gorilla Tour – Tonerush
Worlds Beneath Me – Nick Arbor & Alana Aldea
The Annex – Binary Finary
Open Your Eyes – Will K & Marcus Santoro & Daniel Gregorio & Mitch Thompson
Somebody Told Me – Daleri & VICE
Walk On Water – tyDi & Maison & Dragen & Toni Nielson
Rollercoaster – Luke Carpenter

The Overload: Episode #210

My Personal Sunrise – Speed Limitsram-susana-ramelia-tribute-to-amelia-original-mix-150x150
Waiting For The Night – Armin Van Buuren & Fiora
Fallen Angel – Dennis Shepherd & Cold Blue & Anna Criado
Now You See – Sean Tyas
Strings & Guitars – Arctic Quest
Fairytale – Feel-X & Cherise
The Ultimate Destination – ARDI
Tear From The Stars – Kayan Code & Juha V
Forever – Dee Dee
Lasting Light 2K14 – Ronski Speed & Emma Hewitt
RAMelia – RAM & Susana

This episode is a special tribute to RAM in memory of his beloved Amelia.

The Overload: Episode #208

Reason To Believe – Arunacaolan-lavelle-supercharged-original-mix-150x150
Hayjess – Frenckel
Mirth Mobile – Andrew Bayer
Until The End – Andrew Rayel & Jwaydan
Bazantar – Beatman & Ludmilla
Fat Finger – Fingerling
Mariana Trench – Above & Beyond
Oslo – Crycon
Without You – Aly & Fila & Susana
Supercharged – Caolan Lavelle
Bones – Omnia & Everything By Electricity
Now Or Never – Tritonal & Phoebe Ryan

Aly & Fila’s “Quiet Storm”

Aly & Fila are ready to take the world by storm, with their new cd “Quiet Storm” being released June 28th!

Ever living to the rhythm of the beat, Aly & Fila find themselves in the eye of the storm.alyfilacdrelease The Egyptian flag-bearers of the global trance scene spent the past decade building an impressive career as successful DJ’s, producers and label-owners. Following their beloved debut album ‘Rising Sun’, is its long-awaited successor, ‘Quiet Storm’. For Aly & Fila, there’s no waiting for the storm to pass. They’re right in the middle.

To Aly Amr Fathalah and Fadi Wassef Naguib, music is everything. Their distinct sound has become a standard for the uplifting trance scene. Though often imitated, the significant breaks and melodies of Aly & Fila have never been bettered. Anyone that has witnessed an Aly & Fila DJ set, knows the reason they’re currently #19 in the critically acclaimed DJ Mag Top 100. Their ‘Future Sound of Egypt’ record label has become a breeding ground for rising talents and a home to their very own productions. Responsible for classics such as ‘We Control The Sunrise’, ‘Lost Language’, ‘Eye of Horus’ and ‘Coming Home’, they’ve played a leading role in keeping the trance scene alive and kicking. And now, after 3 years of challenging studio work, song-writing and finding that unique spark, Aly & Fila proudly present ‘Quiet Storm’.

Aly & Fila:”We never stopped learning, never stopped improving. We’ve always progressed. The album has been worked on patiently. We really want it to create a big impact, like a quiet storm brewing.” And so it does. With its 16 musical jewels, ‘Quiet Storm’ lights many new shades of Aly & Fila’s production skills. Including collabs with talented producers such as John O’Callaghan, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Arctic Moon, Solarstone, vocalists Susana, Chris Jones, Jaren, Sue McLaren and many more, ‘Quiet Storm’ brings you a musical journey that will continue to storm your mind for a long time to go.

Pre-order your copy now!

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