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Overload Radio: Episode #043

On My Own – Fatum & Angel Taylor
Steampunk – Ruben De Ronde & Rodg
Echo – Ookay & Scott Sinjin
Every Moment – Disfunktion & Nuela Charles
My Love – Airscape & JES
Scan – Danilo Ercole
Vernazza – Noise Zoo
Sea Lo Que Sea Sera – Above & Beyond & Miguel Bose
Love Letter From The Future – Kyau & Albert & Adaja Black
One More Night – EJ
Strings – Ashley Wallbridge
Rain Down – Markus Schulz & Seri

The Overload: Episode #307

My Moon – Zage & Ekatherina AprilSummertime%20Master
Sparks After The Sunset – Cosmic Gate & Sarah Lynn
Shanghai – Omnia
Summertime – Ashley Wallbridge
Dynasty – JDG & Samual James & KARRA
Lover In The Dark – Kyau & Albert
Manifestation – Exis
Back To The Roots – David Allen
Satisfied – Showtek
Writings On The Wall – Sam Smith
Treasure – Above & Beyond & Zoe Johnston
I Follow – David Gravell
Landmines – Pierce Fulton

The Overload: Episode #304 – Best Of 2015 Part 3

#18 – Twilight Is Coming – Moonbeam & Avis VoxSlider - Year End Countdown
#17 – Hear Me – Mohamed Ragab & Jaren
NEW MUSIC – Ignite – MaRLo
#16 – Skyrocket – Abaze
CLASSIC TRACK – Man On The Run – Dash Berlin & Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren
#15 – Patience – Super8 & Tab & Julie Thompson
#14 – Seasons – PeaceTreaty
NEW MUSIC – Yeowoobii – Kago Pengchi
NEW MUSIC – Sound Barrier – Coone VS Bassjackers VS GLDY LX
#13 – Peace Of Mind – Above & Beyond & Zoe Johnston
#12 – Break Free – Tom Fall & Laces
NEW MUSIC – Bump – Ruby & Tony
CLASSIC TRACK – Emotions – Danny D & Nova
#11 – Don’t Wake Me – Somna & Yang & Michele C
NEW MUSIC – Writings On The Wall – Sam Smith

The Overload: Episode #302 – Best Of 2015 Part 1

#35 – Distance – Ryan Farish & Coury PalermoSlider - Year End Countdown
#34 – I’m Lonely – BAE
#33 – Durban – Genix
#32 – Over – WE THE SAVAGES
NEW MUSIC – Tell Me – No Mana
#31 – Live Your Life – Headhunterz & Crystal Lake
CLASSIC TRACK – Top Of The World – Andy Moor & Lange & Fenja
#30 – Liberation – Eco & Brooke Forman
#29 – Let Me Go – LTN & Arielle Maren
NEW MUSIC – Addicted – Bobina & Natalie Gioia
#28 – Beautiful Things – Andain VS Dapa Deep
#27 – BOOM! – Danny Avila & Merzo
CLASSIC TRACK – You Got To Go – Above & Beyond & Zoe Johnston

The Overload: Episode #288

Outrun – Zachary Zamarripa & Mike Schmidpackage_4749
LIbro – Paw Luk
Dirty – Rudi Feral
The End – Lucky Date & David Solano
Forever – Blasterjaxx & Courtney Jenae
AirBURN – Airborn
Out Of The Sky – Rafael Osmo
Crusader – Codeko
Melba – Sunny Lax
We Are Friends – Muvy
First Light – Disfunktion & Mr Wilson
Collide – Third Party & Daniel Gidlund

The Overload: Episode #283

Atom – MoonbeamBlack_Hole_717-0
YOU – Ian Source & Vivian
Into The Light – John Macraven & Robin Vane
Seasons – Peace Treaty
Neon – Thomas Hayes & Joni Fatora
Step Into The Light – Fabio XB & Liuck & Christina Novelli
10 Years – Rene Ablaze & Ian Buff & DJ TH
Shout – LAM
Down – Kyau & Albert
Piercing Quiet – Tritonal & Christina Soto
Access All Areas – Dark Fusion & Jan Johnston

The Overload: Episode #274

Follow Me – Moonbeam & Indifferent Guy & Eva Pavlovaandrew-rayel-dark-warrior-dannic-remix-150x150
Sweet Disaster – Johan Vilborg & Jeza
The Right Time – Yves V & Mike James
Dark Warrior – Andrew Rayel
Overload – Talemono
Arrivals – Vrije Staat
Let Go – Super8 & Tab & Julie Thompson
Without You – Roger Shah & Sied Van Riel & Jennifer Rene
Lifeline – Nurettin Colak
Metric – Kill The Buzz & Manse
Let You Go – The Chainsmokers & Great Good Fine OK
Human Beings – Michael Badal & Haliene

The Overload: Episode #269

Yai – Cosmic Gate & JEScosmic-gate-jes-yai-here-we-go-again-extended-mix-150x150
Tears Run Dry – Yang & Sarah-Jane Neild
Step Into The Light – Fabio XB & Christina Novelli
Turn Off The Lights – Vincenzo Callea VS William Naraine
Hurricane – Bass King & SMOLNIY & Marco Farouk
Elephant In The Room – Harry Square
You Never Said – Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren
Let The Light Shine In – Darren Tate
BOOM! – Danny Avila & Merzo
Durban – Genix
Calming Rain – Kyau & Albert & Maria Nayler

The Overload: Episode #260

She’s Already Gone – Ruben De Ronde & Aelyn5758-241333_600
Without You – JUXIE & Emma Pitulainen
To The Edge – Jeremy Vancaulart
Fade To Light – Andy Moor
Atomic – Ben Gold
Who I Want To Be – Davis Alexis
Down – Noah Neiman & Keeley
Feet On The Ground – Nicky Romero & Anouk
BOOM! – Danny Avila & Merzo
Durban – Genix
Sweet Ordeal – Breame & Jack Vath

Indian Kill – Pulled

Well… this was an interesting development. After Dim Mak released TAI’s new EP “Indian kcWQJUDfTC4Kill” which sounds like a indian tribal chant being chopped up, and the artwork featuring a feathery hatted man with an arrow through his eye, the label, TAI, and remixer  Drop The Lime have all posted statements regarding the release – which was taken as extremely offensive and racist!! Here are their statements:


I fully apologize for the artwork, title, and sounds included in my recently released “Indian Kill” EP and take complete responsibility for any offense it may have caused. I currently have the release being removed from all sites.

Having been born in London and raised in Thailand, I was raised with a strong respect and affinity for all cultures. But being from the Eastern Hemisphere, I was unfortunately not fully versed in the negative connotations that my EP’s content would have, and I am truly sorry for any offense I have caused. I know that my ignorance of these matters cannot be used as an excuse in any way, but I want to make it clear that I in no way intended for the EP to be offensive or to stir controversy, etc. Those who know me personally know that I am anything but a racist, and I now understand fully that the track and artwork were poor choices to represent my artistic direction.

Although the EP is currently in the process of being removed, any and all proceeds from the sales that have occurred thus far will be donated in full to the Native American Heritage Association.

Once again I apologize deeply for any offense that I have caused.

Thank you all for your appreciation,


Dim Mak:

As TAI’s record label, we would like to address the recent release of the TAI “Indian Kill EP” and the controversy surrounding it. First off, we would like to sincerely apologize for any offense this release has caused. We at Dim Mak are a multi-cultural family, both in our artist roster and our company staff, and as people, it is not our intent to offend anyone by propagating negative cultural stereotypes.

So why did we release this EP? It all comes down to one of our core company values: we at Dim Mak require that our artists maintain their complete creative freedom. As an indie label built out of a college bedroom over 15 years ago, we have been unbending on the complete freedom of expression that is at the essence of the DIY culture. We’ve never felt the need to question our artists’ creative vision, and in retrospect we see that was a mistake in this instance as the artist himself was not aware of the negative implications of the release that he delivered.

Now that we’ve witnessed the earnest offense that the release of this EP has caused (especially in relation to an issue that is much more significant than a simple dance music single could ever be), we understand that there are some lines that cannot and should not be crossed. To put it simply, this situation forced us to take a long hard look at how we balance creative freedom with cultural sensitivity.

We at Dim Mak understand completely that a mistake was made. As such, we, in conjunction with the artist TAI, are pulling the release from all stores, and we, along with TAI, are donating all proceeds from the sale of the release to the Native American Heritage Association. http://www.naha-inc.org/

We sincerely apologize for any damage or ill will that this situation has caused.

Dim Mak


Drop The Lime:

When I was asked to remix the TAI single, I had NO idea what the titles or artwork or socialmedia content following were to be for the EP.

Now that it has been released, I see it is a racist, ignorant and distasteful piece of work, and I am ashamed and want no association with the release.

Please let it be known, I do not condone any of the content on his page and merely was asked to remix an upcoming single.. I was not part of any of the releases artwork etc..

Out of respect for Native Americans,
I hope that Dim Mak Records and TAI understand their mistake and remove this release and the offensive social content on his page.

It seems mad to me this was ever even OK’d.


Wow! Are people really this easily offended? Should freedom of speech and creativity be censored by peoples feelings? We don’t think so, but either way props to everyone all around on the damage control! As a side note – we will NOT be supporting this track on The Overload however we do hope you will purchase it (while still available) to help the donations to NAHA.

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