Review: Sensation Toronto

After over a decade of waiting, the world’s leading dance event “SENSATION” debuted in Toronto last night. The Rogers center, was transformed into the “Ocean of White” with giant jellyfish, water fountains, coral, and a sea of fans dressed in white. It was a breath-taking view. 182941_10152875852045615_945601369_n

We were there! Here are our thoughts:

Doors opened at 6, however the show didn’t start until 8. During the wait, they played various TECH-HOUSE/ambient tracks – which was to be expected. The show then started approximately 15 minutes late with “Mr. White” – who played a 45 minute set of TECH-HOUSE. At 9pm, a chilling intro and water display introduced “2000 and one” who played another hour set of TECH-HOUSE. 10pm marked another massive intro, full of under water references and metaphors to the human psyche. “Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano” took over the decks to play their house set of TECH-HOUSE… Seriously? 6pm – 11pm of just tech house… basically telling the fans TAKE DRUGS OR BE BORED OUT OF YOUR MIND! Admittedly, James & Marciano’s set did climax with some more energetic and crowd pleasing tracks.

Then comes “The Mix”… a pre-recorded 15 minute intro to the main event. Which featured Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up”, Faithless’ “Insomnia”, Hardwell’s “Spaceman”, and Nirvana with “Smells Like Teen Spirit”… no not a remix, the original… ???!#%???? How Nirvana fits in with the night we will never understand.

970129_108797965998202_1727992377_nFedde Le Grand finally takes center stage and threw down an incredibly powerful and hard-hitting electro/progressive set. During his set, the centerpiece of the arena – the “bubbles” started deflating, which caused them to look more like an elderly man’s drooping genitals, but they fixed it a while later.

12:30 and Eric Prydz comes out…An extremely deep, and trance inducing set. Half the stadium leaves within 10 mins of his set. We at The Overload enjoyed it, however it seemed a little too heavy for Toronto.

1:45 and Otto Knows cleared out the Rogers Center.

Overall it was a landmark night, as Toronto had never experienced an event like this. Next time, here’s our suggestions. Less openers, more show – 5 hours of Tech House was a bit much. Keep the deeper acts for the end of the night, I think more of the cheese head fans of Toronto would be more accepting of Otto Knows’ set than they were of Eric Prydz, if they had only stayed to find out. And finally, if the Rogers Center was serious about their NO SMOKING policy, they should allow fans in and out privileges, because on top of the number of E, M, and coke heads inside, there was an overwhelming smell of cigarettes and marijuana. A drug parade all around.


Music – 6/10

Show – 8/10

Price – 5/10

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