Global Code Records

The Overload is proud to announce today, we are now supporting releases from Global Code Records!

“This is a very exciting time in music with many genres coming together and boundaries being pushed.  GLOBAL CODE will be a stable to represent the full range of my sound, from Trance to Tech Trance, Techno and Progressive, it will encompass everything that I play across the Globe with one main focus, Quality.  We plan each release to be special and to have some form of edge, in this day and age we are oversaturated with throw away records so when fans see a GLOBAL CODE release coming they can really look forward to it. “

Greg will be A&R for all future releases and he is looking forward to developing his R.I.C.O project, along with his Greg Downey singles,  “Greg Downey pres R.I.C.O has been building quite a cult following, it’s a lot more progressive and darker than my normal tracks and it’s a free reign for me to experiment with different things, the next couple of singles have been rocking at recent gigs.”


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