How Much Do You Love Dancing?

I was just browsing Facebook, as we all do nowadays, when i came across a post about a woman – who squatted in the middle of a nightclub, pinched a loaf, and kept dancing. WHAT!?! Here’s an excerpt from the article – originally posted on “Rave News”.

Club Daum erupted into pandemonium Saturday night after 24 year old Ellen Harris, while under the influence of an explosive cocktail of drugs and alcohol, defecated on the dance floor. “She just squatted on the floor, let loose a giant deuce, and kept dancing as if nothing had happened,” says James Deer, the manager and proprietary of the venue.


That’s crazy!!! And extremely disturbing. We’ve all seen people do some crazy things on dancefloors, and in raves. Drugs are rampant – but this is over the top.

Read the full article here.

What crazy things have you seen at a club/rave?

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