Erick Morillo In Trouble?

After canceling tour dates through to June 29th, house superstar DJ & producer, Erick Morillo has posted the following erick-morillo-groscomment on Facebook:

“There comes a time when the body just can’t keep up with the hectic schedule and sleepless nights. Having pushed my body to the limits for many years, the time has come to take a break and refocus my attention on my health and well-being. I plan on returning stronger then ever to my passion of playing music and seeing you dancing on my dance floor. Until then, I like to thank all my fans for your enduring love and support! Hope to see you soon. Erick Morillo”


This leaves us to speculate… what ELSE was his body doing? Recently, Morillo was escorted from behind the decks at a Boston nightclub, for being barely able to function –  most likely due to a cocaine over-dose – A scary and sad part of the DJ industry. It’s suprising just how common this drug infused party lifestyle is in the world of EDM. Get well soon Erick.

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