Is it just hype? Daft Punk VS The World

Everywhere you look, you see Daft Punk’s forthcoming album “Random Access Random-Access-MemoriesMemories” dominating the headlines. But is it all just a hype? With the release of their first single “Get Lucky” already underway, it seems the EDM world just isn’t accepting it with open arms. Check out these tweets from prominent EDM artists…

“Wait so how are Daft Punk saving EDM when they only use live instruments? Then it’s not actual electronic dance music,” – Laidback Luke (April 25th 2013)

“Gonna just be fucking honest, I don’t really like that new Daft Punk song.” – Gareth Emery (Apr 22nd 2013)

“There’s so much hype around Daft Punk’s album I am expecting the best thing ever made on planet earth plus giving every mammal orgasm!,” – Sebastian Ingrosso (Apr 24th 2013)

– which earned this reply

“@SebIngrosso wait! Are they releasing an album???!!!!” – Dirty South (Apr 24th 2013)

We’re going to hold out till the album release before we make our judgement.

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