Daft Punk Splits EDM Scene

Alright, this is going to get people mad. Actually it doesn’t matter what we say, people will get mad. And that’s pretty sad. After Daft Punk’s album was released/leaked, you either loved it or hated it. If you were on the side that hated it, you found yourself as a target of all those who loved it. We’ve had a listen… Here’s our opinion….

For a couple of guys who were pioneers of the dance scene, this album was completely out in left field. There were a lot of promises of “saving EDM” that in our opinion weren’t kept. This album has nothing to do with EDM. It’s a disco funk album – nothing electronic about it. The BPMs for the most part are well below 120… that doesn’t even qualify for the dance status…. so no E and no D…. YES ITS MUSIC. and no we’re not saying its bad… but it is not EDM.

If you liked it – GOOD FOR YOU…We didn’t. We won’t be playing it on our show. We won’t be spinning it on our dance floors… We agree with Dada Life…

daft punk status

Those 1397 comments pretty much all say the same thing… “if you didn’t like the album, then you don’t really like EDM”… There’s a lot of F bombs and a lot of hate in there…

I like fruit… i don’t like mango’s, are you going to tell me I’m not a real fruit fan now?? Why can’t you just accept that some people didn’t like it? It’s quite obvious the PLUR culture is dead, and we morn the loss. Daft Punk – We’ll keep playing your old stuff, but this new album, just doesn’t cut it in todays dance scene. Sorry.

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