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OUT NOW: Trance Essentials 2013 Vol. 2

tranceesssentials vbol 2

Marking the highlights, the hits and the must-hears, is the beloved ‘Trance Essentials 2013’ series. The second volume of 2013 awaits, bursting with no less than 50 trance tunes of the season. Completing the music collection of trance fans with the tunes of Armin van Buuren, Tiësto, Above & Beyond, W&W, Andrew Rayel, Orjan Nilsen and many more, this one gathers all of today’s essentials and future classics.

Trance music and its scene are ever-growing. Touching base on US territory, conquering the North and South-American countries, rocking the Asians, moving the Aussies, and never forgetting about the magical place it all started, Europe, trance music is bigger than ever before. With today’s house and progressive music incorporating many elements of trance, it’s taking the world by storm. Those who want an introduction to its current highlights and classics, should press play on ‘Trance Essentials, 2013 Vol. 2’

50 tracks, big tunes, anthems and tunes that rule the dance floor. Tracks by rising talents and renowned names, from the sounds of Markus Schulz, BT, Chicane and Paul van Dyk to Shogun, MaRLo, Max Graham, Cosmic Gate and more. These are the Trance Essentials!

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Review – Markus Schulz – Buenos Aires ’13

October 4th marks the release of Markus Schulz’ latest CD compilation – this time Markus Schulz - Buenos Aires '13 Cover artfeaturing Argentina’s Buenos Aires.

“With the expansion of global electronic music culture at a rate like never before, it is difficult to find many countries that can boast a feverish admiration for the genre than Argentina. And over the past number of years, few have felt the affection and resonance of the fans as passionately as 2012 America’s Best DJ Markus Schulz.”


Here’s our take on the double disc compilation track by track! Overall we give it a (3.5/5) – But this is just our opinion – Listen for yourself!

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Disc 1 (3.5/5)

  1. Marscela – Momento de Gloria
    • Beautiful strings, subtle piano and a great atmosphere! (4/5)
  2. SEQU3L – We Evolve
    • Progressive at it’s best! The break here is lush full of beautiful synths and has a great feel to it. (3/5)
  3. Sensetive5 – Sin City
    • Very emotional feel to this, with a driving side-chain, and again – a full synth line. (3/5)
  4. Crystal Design – Scarface
    • The break on this track is the best part – a very nice melody, with almost a sinister feel to it… the sinister feel disappears into the drop. (3/5)
  5. Rodg & Ruben de Ronde – Remain Different
    • A smooth dark bassline, and an awesome pluck synth on this! (4/5)
  6. Tucandeo – To An End
    • The bassline on this track could BE the track, on top of it comes a lush pad, and subtle keys that make the hairs on your arms stand!  (4/5)
  7. KhoMha – Cyclone
    • The lead melody on this is enough to make anyone want to dance,  this has bigroom written all over it. (4/5)
  8. Rex Mundi – Aureolo
    • A simple melody but big sound! (3/5)
  9. Ruffault – Progressive Dreams
    • Pads pads pads – sounds pretty cool. (3/5)
  10. Grube & Hovsepian – Palermo
    • Piano and a light airy pad on this break make it a summery favourite. (3/5)
  11. Danilo Ercole – Point Of View
    • The rolling bassline here is enough to make you move, minimal lead, just pure progressive heaven. (3/5)
  12. Markus Schulz presents Dakota – Barracas
    • Atmospheric, dark, close your eyes and drift away kind of music. (3/5)
  13. Wellenrausch & Basil O’Glue – Wickaninnish
    • Brilliant synth! This is a feel good track all around. (4/5)
  14. Markus Schulz & Ana Diaz – Nothing Without Me
    • The first vocal track on the disc – very moving lyrics and a solid delivery from Ana Diaz. (5/5)
  15. M.I.K.E. – Before Dawn
    • A swirling bassline of saw sounds, and a euphoric lead to match. (3/5)
  16. Markus Schulz – Remember This
    • Gorgeous, heart-warming melody, and a huge intro/outro to make you rage! (4/5)
  17. Mr. Pit – Catch Me
    • Bigroom trancer, with a great melody and a driving bassline. (4/5)
  18. Aaron Camz – Suburbia
    • Massive lead synth! you gotta hear this one for yourself! (5/5)
  19. Rex Mundi – Back Pain
    • Weak conclusion to this disc in our opinion. Extremely simplistic track. (2/5)

Disc 2 (3.7/5)

  1. Protoculture – Talisman
    • A gentle opening, with lush synths, and an atmospheric feel. (3/5)
  2. Markus Schulz & Rex Mundi – Towards The Sun
    • Catchy vocals… almost too catchy. On the verge of annoying. (2/5)
  3. KhoMha – Dimensional
    • Piano chords open up for a huge pounding of drums, bass and catchy melody (4/5)
  4. Digital X – Stratosphere
    • A dark proggy sound here. Nothing special. (3/5)
  5. Purple Stories – Praia da Adraga
    • Epic breakdown, pads, choir, solid build, and a driving drop. (3/5)
  6. Danilo Ercole – Freezing Rain
    • Rolling synths, take use right through the track – no letting up! (3/5)
  7. Fisherman & Hawkins VS Nifra – The Battle
    • Big bass, big sound, bold and full of energy! (4/5)
  8. Elevation VS Grube & Hovsepian – Fair Winds
    • A great melody and synth line top this monster. (4/5)
  9. Vassilakis & Tarr – Galea
    • A big build for not much pay off. (2/5)
  10. Grube & Hovsepian – Trickster
    • Playful is the only word that comes to mind here. Big synth, big melody, big all around. (4/5)
  11. Basil O’Glue – Gilgamesh
    • Massive! (5/5)
  12. Solid Stone – Scrambled
    • Sidechain heaven! Big atmosphere, driving bassline, great! (4/5)
  13. Markus Schulz – Mardi Gras
    • The synth on this track is mind blowing – great melody, great feel, a feel good track that’ll make a club jump when that bass hits. (5/5)
  14. Harry Square – Royal Flush
    • Another great synth line, with a huge melody. (4/5)
  15. Digital X – Phantom
    • Another powerhouse. (4/5)
  16. Skytech – The Other Side
    • A simple melody but well done! nice bigroom sounds. (4/5)
  17. Elevation – Stadium Control
    • Big uplifting trancer, no complaints on this one. (3/5)
  18. Solarstone – Solarcoaster
    • Beautiful sounds in this track, filtered synths, and a peaceful melody. (4/5)
  19. Marscela – Viaje Completo
    • Smooth and peaceful ending to a great compilation! (5/5)

Review – Avicii: True

Here’s our take on Avicii’s new album “True” set to be released avicii-true-albumSeptember 17th! Just our opinion – go take a listen for yourself! We give it a 3.2 out of 5 (we’ve seen other sites with a 12 song tracklist – our hard copy only had 10!)


01. Wake Me Up – You know it. You’ve heard it a million times. Even if you hated it at first, you know it’s grown on you! (4/5)

02. You Make Me – This one is probably our least favorite on the disc. Something just doesn’t sound right, something about the piano – but can’t put our finger on it. (1/5)

03. Hey Brother – This one is more country than it is EDM. Not a fan of this one. (1/5)

04. Addicted To You – Really like the vocals on this one – reminiscent of the vocals on “Levels”. (3/5)

05. Dear Boy – DJ friendly track – nice progressive feel and a full soulful vocal to top it off. (4/5)

06. Liar Liar – Loving the female vocals here – the male vocals sound a bit out of place. (3/5)

07. Shame On Me – SWING??? He’s tried everything! Country, Alternative, Rock and now Swing music infused into EDM – cool sound. Decide for yourself. (3/5)

08. Lay Me Down – Another DJ friendly track, with a groovy/disco/older daft punk feel to it. (4/5)

09. Hope There’s Someone – This one is by far our favorite. Starts out slow and atmospheric, builds and builds on a beautiful vocal – then drops a gorgeous piano driven synth line! (5/5)

10. Heart Upon My Sleeve – Really strong track – reminds us a bit of “Nightmare – Brain Bug” back in the 90’s. No vocals on this one – just the violins and pianos working their magic. (4/5)

TUNE OF THE WEEK: Tomorrow Comes

This week’s track is as moving as they come! Brilliant vocals from Neil Ormanday, and stellar production from G&D! gabriel-dresden-feat-neil-ormandy-tomorrow-comes-radio-edit-150x150

Gabriel & Dresden keep it going with their brand new original, “Tomorrow Comes”, to be released on their label, Organized Nature via Armada Records.

Featuring an understated, emotional vocal from English vocalist Neil Ormandy, “Tomorrow Comes” is brimming with the trademark G&D touch – meaningful lyrics, soaring chords, and a constant churning build that leads the listener to a euphoric state.

TUNE OF THE WEEK: Reason To Believe

This week’s TOTW belongs to Aruna – one of the most beautiful voices in electronic arunareasontobelievemusic.

Songwriter, DJ and vocalist supreme Aruna is back in full force with her next solo single, “Reason To Believe.” The LA-based artist will make her Enhanced Music debut on August 19 and already “Reason To Believe” is shaping up to be one of summer’s most memorable vocal smashes, with premieres on A State of Trance #623 and Group Therapy with Above & Beyond #037.

“I wanted to step outside of the box and create new lyrical patterns and melodies that I hadn’t employed before,” says Aruna. “That’s why I co-wrote this track with someone new to EDM.”

She partnered with fellow Los Angeles musician, David Bowick of the band Alder, and says that working with someone outside of the tight-knit dance music scene brought a fresh perspective to her songwriting. The lyrics speak of spiraling downwards after loss and heartbreak but Aruna‘s vocals convey innocence and hope

Hear this track in next week’s Overload!


This week’s TOTW is untiltheendphazingdirtysouthan uplifting house release from none other than Dirty South.

Dirty South has teamed up with LA-based singer songwriter Joe Gil on his latest release ‘Until The End’. Creating an uplifting and optimistic dance floor anthem perfectly timed for the European summer, the shimmering melodic track smoothly blends chiming guitars and cool synths, combined with Gil’s emotive vocals over driving drums to create both a  moving piece of songwriting and a powerful club track. Complementing the original with remixes from Tom Staar, fresh from his ‘After Dark’ collaboration with Style Of Eye , Phazing alumnus Michael Brun and Dirty South himself.


This track will be featured on next week’s Overload.

TUNE OF THE WEEK: Across The Ocean

It’s a big deal to be named Tune Of The Week – we literally receive hundreds of promos m-i-k-e-vs-york-feat-asheni-across-the-ocean-m-i-k-e-s-club-edit-150x150from labels and artists around the world every single day – TOTW stands out above all of them! This week it’s M.I.K.E. VS YORK & Asheni’s “Across The Ocean”. Hear it in this week’s Overload.

The sweet summer evenings and nocturnal adventures resound in the first of hopefully many more collabs of the legends that are M.I.K.E. and York. ‘Across The Ocean’, featuring the soothing voice of Asheni, lands a new anthem on the Planet Love Records label.

Sharing a history and future in trance music, as well as a strong passion for its genre, it’s no wonder that Belgium’s M.I.K.E. and Germany’s YORK would join forces one day.

‘Across The Ocean’ has the drive of a M.I.K.E. original, with the warm melodies of York making. A perfect tune for the endless summer.


This week’s TOTW goes to Damien N-Drix, on the Musical Madness imprint with Ding MM-157-Various-Artists---Nu-Breed-EP-5Dong! Not only is it catchy as hell (no seriously around the office someone yells DING DONG, and someone else yells YOURE DEAD), but the bassline is infectious! This will be in our best of 2013 for sure. Huge track. Very impressed.


Our TOTW this week is an instrumental piece thats loaded with power. Bazuca by TY015Sherano!

Dutch young tech-trance powerhouse Sherano makes his appearance for his first time on Tytanium Recordings with his new floor destroyer Bazuca. Appropriately named, this track seems to load its launcher up until the breakdown, where it becomes evident it is ready to rain fire and brimstone over that dance floor, with its massive leads and rumbling bass that will make your drinks slide right off the table. Enjoy, and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

TUNE OF THE WEEK: Misplaced Me

This week’s TOTW is an incredible vocal track from Enhanced Recordings. misplacedmeillumor

Perfectly in time for summer, the lush melodic intro will captivate you before Misplaced Me‘s vocal hook leaves you in complete awe during the incredible breakdown. It’s catchy, epic and emotional all rolled into one, and a definite ‘hands in the air’ moment, which when coupled with the huge climax results in one of the biggest vocal trancers of 2013.

With support from Armin van Buuren on ASOT, this release is already becoming a club anthem for the summer season. Watch out for Illuminor!

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