Review – Avicii: True

Here’s our take on Avicii’s new album “True” set to be released avicii-true-albumSeptember 17th! Just our opinion – go take a listen for yourself! We give it a 3.2 out of 5 (we’ve seen other sites with a 12 song tracklist – our hard copy only had 10!)


01. Wake Me Up – You know it. You’ve heard it a million times. Even if you hated it at first, you know it’s grown on you! (4/5)

02. You Make Me – This one is probably our least favorite on the disc. Something just doesn’t sound right, something about the piano – but can’t put our finger on it. (1/5)

03. Hey Brother – This one is more country than it is EDM. Not a fan of this one. (1/5)

04. Addicted To You – Really like the vocals on this one – reminiscent of the vocals on “Levels”. (3/5)

05. Dear Boy – DJ friendly track – nice progressive feel and a full soulful vocal to top it off. (4/5)

06. Liar Liar – Loving the female vocals here – the male vocals sound a bit out of place. (3/5)

07. Shame On Me – SWING??? He’s tried everything! Country, Alternative, Rock and now Swing music infused into EDM – cool sound. Decide for yourself. (3/5)

08. Lay Me Down – Another DJ friendly track, with a groovy/disco/older daft punk feel to it. (4/5)

09. Hope There’s Someone – This one is by far our favorite. Starts out slow and atmospheric, builds and builds on a beautiful vocal – then drops a gorgeous piano driven synth line! (5/5)

10. Heart Upon My Sleeve – Really strong track – reminds us a bit of “Nightmare – Brain Bug” back in the 90’s. No vocals on this one – just the violins and pianos working their magic. (4/5)

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