A Final Farewell to Jon O’Bir

Jon O’Bir has shocked the trance scene with the announcement of his retirement from DJing. June 15th is his final gig at Infinity in Nottingham. Is it just a publicity stunt though? NO! Here’s the official notice he posted:

I’ve had quite a few messages asking: “Why are you quitting?”

I can imagine many of you see this as a job that I simply can’t or wouldn’t want to walk away from. However, the background works that you probably don’t see are very different to what it may seem like. The last 2 years have been a struggle for me and the distinct lack of gigs is the main reason that I’m moving on and taking a new job in the music industry which is more stable for me at this moment in time.

With this new job, there simply wouldn’t be enough time to push all things O’Bir anymore and after months of thinking it over, I came to the decision to retire the old boy. Put simply, there was not a living for me as Jon O’Bir.

It’s a sad reality, even us as radio DJs are feeling. Fewer and fewer gigs means less food on the table. We’ll miss you Jon O’Bir. Here’s to all the memories!


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